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Welcome to my website.  Thank you for stopping by.  I would like to share with you my love for writing and also give you a glimpse into what the Lord is doing with this gift that He has given me. 


For as long as I can remember, my mother wrote poetry. She had a box full of her poems, and after she passed away several years ago, I was told that my brother had that box.  A few years later, I decided to take my mother’s poems and publish them in honor of her. I planned to give a copy to each family member for Christmas. However, when I called my brother to have him send me the box of poems, he said he did not have them. He thought all this time that I had them! This led to a frantic search. We both turned our houses upside down, but no poems. Regretfully, to this day we do not know what happened to them.


However, God used that loss to reignite my desire to write poetry, and for months on end He filled my head with words of rhyme which  I would dutifully jot down on paper. I am convinced that if I had found my mother’s poems years ago, I never would have embarked on this journey of writing and publishing my

poetry. Although I truly miss having my mother’s poems, I am grateful for my renewed love for writing poetry in her memory.


In addition to writing and publishing inspirational poetry for adults, I also enjoy writing poems for children, and you will see here on my website that I have children's books available, including three in rhyme and a recently published devotional for young children titled I Love Jesus, Jesus Loves Me!  A book of children's poetry titled Do You Hear a Rhyme? will be coming out in time for Christmas and holiday gift-giving.


I have also published four volumes of my weekly devotions, which I had previously been written as "Thoughts for the Day"   and sent out via email, Facebook, and my blog each week.  I am excited with what the Lord is doing in my life and grateful for the gift He has given me!  My prayer is that God will use my books to bring encouragement to others and draw them to a closer relationship to Jesus.

Click on the BOOKS tab above to check out my books that are presently available through Amazon.

Book signing at a local Christian Bookstore in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Reading Eat Your Colors! to a first grade class at Damascus Elementary School in Damascus, Maryland.

Eat Your Colors! made it all the way to Canada!

Check out Sheryl's Bhava Tree business working with children under my NEWS & EVENTS tab.



My illustrator and I signing Oh My, Dear Me, Gee Whiz! in preparation for upcoming events.  Several people stopped by to purchase this new book hot off the press!  Rosie Turner was our first customer.

Donating 75 copies of Eat Your Colors! to Julie's Love Food Pantry for children's back packs.

Books make great gifts!  And Breathe with Thee is an especially perfect gift for a friend's birthday or holiday or for someone who is hurting or going through a rough time.  It's also a special book for someone recovering from surgery or in a nursing home.  And if anyone loves poetry or beautiful photos, this makes a great gift. 


There are many inspirational poems included in Breathe with Thee, and its companion book, Grace Upon My Heart, as well as meaningful scripture verses and gorgeous photos of God's creation around us.

Other books that are wonderful gifts, as well as helpful for anyone struggling through a difficult time, or just to bring joy to a friend, are the devotional series The Warmth of the SON.


To order, click on "Books" in the ribbon at the top of this page.


When we moved to the small town of Damascus, MD, I enjoyed shopping at The Shops at Damascus Electric.  It was fun to do two book signings there, and to also meet new friends as well as see some "old" (not by age!) ones.  Here Holly, sister of my dear friend Jill, popped into The Shops and we just had to get a picture together.

Oh My, Dear Me, Gee Whiz! made it all the way to JAPAN!!  Check out Winnifred Langelaar's Kindergarten class at Christian Academy in Higashi Kurume, Tokyo, Japan.  It looks like they enjoyed the book.

So fun to see my books reach around the world.  Scroll up to see Eat Your Colors! in Canada with Sheryl's Bhava Tree class. So now our books have made it to two countries outside the United States.  If you have a picture of you or someone with one of my books, email it to be by going to the CONTACT tab at the top and I will include you on my website.  And be sure to tell us what state in the US or what country you live in!

Terry with book.JPG
Lindsey Mackey's children.jpg

Little ones are loving Eat Your Colors!

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