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Below are a few of the poems I have written over the years.  My poems each have a special story that inspired me to write them and I have included those here.  I don't put the stories behind the poems in my books, so for these poems, I thought it would be fun to share the short synopsis of how they came to be.


If you have comments or questions, feel free to email me under the CONTACT tab above.  I would love to hear from you.



The Dance


A fluffy powder puff

Gently and playfully

Strokes the clear blue sky

As it slides softly and freely

From left to right

It slowly diminishes as it moves

A vapor blown by the breeze

Soon it disappears forever

Its journey ended

Only to see a new puff of white appear

To replace the void on the canvas blue

And the dance of God’s creation



Copyright © 2014  Terry Harris

One summer day while I was sitting on my patio, I noticed one lone puffy white cloud in the otherwise cloudless bright blue sky.  It seemed so alone and it began to move, change shape, and eventually evaporate completely.  I was struck by this little cloud, that was soon replaced by another lonely cloud, and I was inspired to write about it.




God Loves the Color Blue


In God's creation here on earth

He uses color full

To paint a glorious picture

On His canvas of the world. 


He paints with colors vibrant

And some more muted still

As with His huge artistic hand

He carries out His will. 


So many colors everywhere

But one I noticed true

A hue most absent in my flowers

Is the color blue. 


He paints a hundred flowers pink

And yellow, orange, red;

But not too many blue around 

In the flower bed. 


But then I realized in awe

He does indeed love blue!

Look around at sky and water

There's abundance of that hue. 


So even though blue flowers are scarce

God loves that color quaint;

But after painting water and sky,

He just ran out of blue paint!


Copyright ©  Terry Harris  2013

This was a fun poem, inspired by the beautiful vivid Bluebonnet flowers that we saw while visiting friends in Texas a few years ago.  I had never seen them before and took many pictures to capture the memory forever.  After returning home to Maryland, this poem came to mind and I wrote it down for our Texas friends.




A New Place


God took me to a new place

Where I would never choose to go.

And in the process and the pain

He truly helped me grow.


I didn’t want to be there;

The pain felt cold and great.

But onto God’s big hand I held

And leaned upon His weight.


He carried me when things got hard,

He soothed my falling tears.

And always and forevermore

I could feel that He was near.


He was with me in the new place

I felt His strength and love.

He helped me grow and grow again

With His mercy from above.


Copyright ©  Terry Harris  2013

This was a tough poem because it was written as our family was going through a lot of personal pain and tremendous grief.  God truly laid this poem on my heart as part of my healing process.  I really did lean on His weight during the months and years we experienced this pain.




Katrina Maximillion


Katrina Maximillion

Is whirlwind of a chum.

She likes to run, she likes to dance,

She likes blueberry bubble gum.


Katrina Maximillion

Never likes to go to bed.

She loves to run around all night,

But once she bumped her head.


Katrina runs around the house,

She runs up hills and stairs.

Katrina runs to see her friends,

How far, she doesn’t care.


Katrina Maximillion

Has such witty, silly charm.

But finally Katrina gets so tired

That she runs to mommy’s arms.


Mommy holds her tight and says,

“You’re my special little bug.

I love it when you stop running

Long enough to give me hugs!”



Copyright © 20013  Terry Harris

This poem was written for my precious little granddaughter when she was two years old.  The Lord brings poems to my mind in the strangest places sometimes, and this one came to me when I was taking a shower!  I was thinking about our Madison and her love for life and the wonder that she brings to ours.  I had to hurry up and get out of the shower and grab pen and paper so I wouldn't forget the rhyme!  The Lord brings amazing words to my mind, but if I don't write them down immediately, they are gone from my head!  I'm on to thinking of the next thing.  :-)

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